Lots of people work for a big company. But how about a big company that works for you? For 300 years, we’ve built our complex global business on a set of simple human beliefs: that individuality is an edge; that people come before processes; that different perspectives create fresh opportunities.

Careers The Value of One

The Value of One

In today’s day and age, we pride ourselves on our individuality - what makes us tick, what keeps us moving, how we are unique from one another. Here at RSA, we strive to create an environment that thrives on ‘you’, and enables each of us to deliver our best.

A Culture of Opportunities

Our culture is focused on giving people the right opportunities to make a difference, reach their potential and be rewarded for that success, through:

  • An Ambition of together building the best general insurer.
  • Purpose focused on our Customer, Our People and Outperformance.
  • Brand Beliefs that underpin our Brand, how we behave internally and what we represent as an organisation.
Careers A Culture of Opportunities
Careers Two-Way Dialougue

Two-Way Dialougue

Regular performance reviews encourage two-way dialogue to help people identify their strengths, develop their skills and fulfill their potential.

Staff Engagement Scores

Harnessing the energy and talents of our employees is an important part of our business. We work in partnership with Gallup to run a global engagement survey every year. This survey gives everyone an opportunity to share their views about life at RSA. By getting behind the action planning sessions which follow each survey, you can help to create an even better place to work.

Careers Staff Engagement Scores
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